"Innovation is change that unlocks new value"

- Jamie Notter

Project 1: Agriculture, Food and Culinary Collective

Aim: To improve trade and build connections between farm to plate businesses in the Tweed and surrounds.


We know there’s a global trend towards local sourcing and consumers are interested in paying for provenance.

We know that agri and food tourism is also on the rise and the Tweed and surrounds has excellent potential to tap into this growth sector. It is also home to some amazing producers and value adders, wonderful family businesses that are dedicated to wholesaling, transporting and retailing produce and a growing number of innovative foodies and chefs who want to get their hands on more produce.

Agri-food has been identified in the Tweed’s Destination Management Plan, The Sustainable Ag Strategy and the Economic Development Plan.


  • Are you in ag or food/drink?
  • Is your business in agricultural production, food or drink manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, value adding or processing, retail, tourism and hospitality sectors?
  • Do you want to connect more directly with consumers? and
  • Work with other like-minded businesses to build brand, reputation and higher value through more direct trading and distribution collaborations?


Our gatherings will be trade and education focused. We want to help growers and producers to sell more, wholesale businesses to connect and retailers, restaurants and value adders to source more local produce for use in their consumer offering, in an efficient and cost-effective way. Working together we can all grow and prosper from our unique story.


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