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The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, so we thought the best way to kick off 2020 is with an event all about health, gut health. Destination Tweeds first of many industry events this year will be all about fermentation and the importance of good foods for good bacteria.

Our Gastronomic Goodness gal Amy Colli will host the event on behalf of the DT- Tweed Culinary Collective which aims to connect farmers to producers to industry. Popping up an array of local growers, the event will be held at the picturesque Fins at Plantation House adjacent to Tropical Fruit World in the Tweed Valley.

Gut Health has been at the forefront of wellness in the last decade or so and with the introduction of fast and processed food in modern times, it’s become even more important to take care of our gut.

Probiotic foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, yoghurt, miso and kombucha are just some of the essentials to help promote good bacteria in your gut. The stomach is a nucleus to good health travelling throughout the body and it acts as a vessel to store both good and bad bacteria.

The Tweed Culinary Collective Industry event includes speakers such as James Mackney from ‘Ferment it’ who will share his love of Kim chi and talk about the value of fermented products.

The fermenters industry event is open for all to attend and is a showcase of what the Tweed has on offer, proudly produced by Destination Tweed 2050 and the Tweed Culinary Collective.


  • Wednesday 12 February 4pm- Fins at Plantation House,

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