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Destination Tweed Ltd is thrilled to announce it is the recipient of funding from the FRRR (Foundation for Regional and Regional Renewal) to facilitate agri-food, indigenous, nature and art networks that aim to build resilience due to extreme weather conditions in the Tweed, Northern NSW.

The timely funding arrives off the back of a challenging period in the destination which included an enduring drought in 2019, the driest year on record for the Tweed. The recent floods and global pandemic have added extra pressure to rebuilding strength and resilience amongst the community.

The FRRR funding will be used to create networks to educate, up skill and provide knowledge for future preparedness on the impact the climate has on specific sectors within the region.

The Tweed is a nature-based destination, home to a thriving food bowl, farmers, producers, and chefs promote the region as a leading agri-tourism destination. (2021 Delicious Harvey Norman Produce Award for Outstanding Region)

Destination Tweed Ltd trading as the Tweed Artisan Collective is an independent Not for Profit body that supports industry and members in agritourism, arts, indigenous and nature-based initiatives.

The series of networking events supported by the FRRR and Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund, intends to build a professional, social and community connection to understand the risks of climate change and the direct impact it has on rural regions. The aim is to prepare the destination to not only survive but thrive into the future.

Developing pillars in food, art, and nature for the community to work collaboratively through these unprecedented weather events. The networking events will kick off late June through to August.