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An artisan uses their hands to create unique items using traditional techniques. As masters of their craft, artisans have learned from decades of knowledge passed down within families and communities. Using resources from their nearby surroundings, artisans can communicate their culture and environment with the rest of the world.


The Tweed Artisan Week fuses celebrated chefs with local producers to create a weeklong program of tailored events in some of the most beautiful destinations the Tweed has to offer. Taking place from the 21st to the 30th of October, this weeklong program follows a trail of artisans and creators situated within the Tweed.


The Tweed is located in one of the largest natural erosion calderas in the world and is comprised of pastoral and farmland, forests, mountainous regions and 37km of pristine coastline. From the coast to the valley, this unique destination offers a diverse array of flavours that represent the rich culture of the Tweed.


First launching in 2019, the Tweed Artisan Week has hosted signature events including Husk Distillery’s ‘Botanical Gin Worksop’ and Potager Kitchen Garden’s ‘Meet the Maker’. Each curated event along the way invites the visitor to interact with the vast producers that live in the area.


Explore the magic of the Tweed, nestled in-between the bohemia of Byron Bay and the glamour of the Gold Coast, it’s a unique destination, naturally beautiful with a foodie twist.


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