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As a not-for-profit industry group, Destination Tweed 2050 Collective (commonly known as Destination Tweed), is proud of the members and their collective contribution to the growth of the Tweed to become a region known for its local food and agritourism. The 2021 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Award for Outstanding Region is the ultimate recognition for our local producers, farmers, chefs, food and beverage manufacturers, hospitality venues and food industry specialists across the Tweed.
Destination Tweed’s Industry Development Manager Amy Colli says the Tweed has been growing in reputation over the past few years as it has significantly developed the number of high quality and unique food and beverage experiences available to locals and visitors. The Tweed Artisan Food Weekend (now in planning to deliver its 5th program in October), is an example of how the region has offered small-scale, unique experiences that provide guests with a deeper connection to the producer, their product and their venue. “Showcasing people, product and place has been the goal of these biannual Weekends (held in March and October each year)” she says.
Food and agritourism specialist Ms Colli, who holds a Master of Gastronomic Tourism, says the success of these Weekends wouldn’t be possible without the work of members and local industry connecting with each other and increasing their own knowledge of local produce. “The more we’re aware of each other’s products and work to collaborate and celebrate our local produce, the more we are helping the Tweed to thrive and survive, especially through tough times”. To facilitate this engagement, Destination Tweed hosts seasonal industry networking events. These events work as pop-up trade events for our chefs, farmers and producers to sample products, connect with each other and develop new collaborations.
This supportive and connected food and beverage culture then flows on to our consumers through a presence of local products on our menus, at our farmers markets, at our agritourism venues across the shire and via events such as the Tweed Artisan Food Weekend. “When your local industry shows that they support each other, a food culture develops that encourages locals and visitors to make purchasing decisions based on local-first”.
The Destination Tweed 2050 Collective Board and staff wish to congratulate the Tweed and the Gold Coast Hinterland as joint recipients of the 2021 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Award for Outstanding Region!

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